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Beginning Spanish A

Essential Vocabulary:
In each unit, students will focus on using a handful of high-impact words to understand what the hear and read as well as communicate their thoughts and ideas in written and spoken Spanish.
este es / mi nombre es / hay / dice
él está / tiene hambre / ella quiere / va a…
yo puedo… / necesita… / habla con…
ve… / le grita… / le da…

Students will apply and expand their language skills while learning about these cultural topics.
Animals from Spanish-speaking countries and Sounds
Street food in Mexico
Salsa dancing in Cuba
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day


Course Format

Each unit follows the following format. Lessons are approximately 30 minutes in length with integrated social activities in the forums as well as additional resources and instructions for more practice.

Lesson 1 – El vocabulario (Vocabulary): First, focus on mastering a small number of high-impact words that you will use in a variety of ways to understand and express thoughts, ideas, and messages. Then, pair them with a handful of additional words to understand what you hear and read as well as ask and answer conversation questions. Get more practice with flash cards that help you listen, read, write, and speak!

Lesson 2 – El cuento (The story): Improve your listening skills by comprehending a story presented with visuals to aid in comprehension. Get more practice by downloading the audio and listening on the go!

Lesson 3 – La lectura (Reading): Begin practicing your reading skills by reading the story you listened to in lesson 2. Then, stretch your skills by reading different levels of a similar story and checking your comprehension with quiz questions. Finally, dig deeper to notice some of the grammar being used in the stories to help you fine-tune your comprehension and communication.

Lesson 4 – Al escribir y hablar (Writing and Speaking): Practice writing and speaking authentically in Spanish by telling your own stories and answering questions about yourself. Submit your writing and speaking to your teacher to get individual and personalized feedback.

Lesson 5 – La cultura (Culture): Use the language you’ve learned so far to explore and experience Spanish-speaking culture! Learn about customs, traditions, food, dance, music, and more!

¡Actividades extras! (Extra activities!): We just can’t fit it all into five lessons!  These are bonus activities and resources you can use for even more practice.

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